About Us

Our Story
As a youth, our founder Stephen, dealt with the frustration, feelings of hopefulness, and the stress of serious illness watching his father’s untimely demise. Stephen’s ather was a Air Force war veteran suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) turned to alcohol to numb the pain. Alcoholism, a disease that runs prevalent in his family, led to his father developing Cirrhosis of the Liver and later succumbing to the dreadful disease. His father’s sister became his full-time caregiver. Stephen watched as his Aunt made huge sacrifices to care for his father and try to comfort him in his last moments. The event was traumatic on everyone involved and took a huge toll on the family. His family didn’t understand the Hospice benefit and was not aware of it. This assistance would have made a world of difference to his family and his father and could have possible saved or extended his life.

Stephen would later join the military himself and serve in the US Army as a Combat Medic during Operation Desert Storm in Afghanistan. Again, Stephen would experience death first hand. Never had he seen so many grown men cry before. He would later experience more friends and family succumb to serious illnesses without the assistance needed to provide for a smooth transition for these special individuals.

Every patient of White Orchid Hospice has a story. Our patients are like great books of knowledge. It is our desire to make sure their story is told and the final chapter is rewarding and beneficial to all involved.

Our Mission
It is the goal of White Orchid Hospice to provide quality specialized palliative and end of life care to all adults in Fort Bend County, as well as their family and friends.
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Our Services
White Orchid Hospice will be in the business of providing in-home patient hospice services that allow seriously ill people to transition in a comfortable environment with access to round the clock medical support. The Company employs a number of on staff nurses and contracted health professionals to ensure that the patients are tended to properly. Outsourced healthcare professionals include pain management physicians, pharmacists, and mental healthcare professionals.
Sharing the thoughts of those who have walked this path with us.
Their words, born from personal experiences, reflect the solace and understanding we offer to individuals navigating challenging times.